It’s the Little Things

I was in a writing session this past Monday at my church when my mentor, friend and fellow authorpreneur Venus Mason Thues took me back to basics. You see, I’ve been in journalism for over 15 years now and I started out simply writing articles for my college newspaper, the college town’s local newspaper as well as various other newspapers and magazines. Soon I realized that my passion was not newspaper writing, but more feature writing or creative, if you will. But somehow along the way, once I began to delve into books and manuscripts, I sort of pushed the article writing aside. I don’t know if I thought it wasn’t having an impact or if I just didn’t see it as a valuable tool to voice my opinion. But the session this past Monday was simply on writing articles, and writing them voluntarily, to start out with anyway. Somewhere inside my huge brain, a light went on and said, “Back to basics.” It wasn’t that I didn’t know what to write or how to write an article. Somewhere along the way, I discounted the value of an article. I thought I could have more impact with a whole book than one article but now I beg to differ. I don’t know who may read my article and ask me to do much more than that, thus catapulting me into greater success.

So today, if you can’t do something big, start with something small. Maybe you can’t buy an apartment building, but you can buy a small house that has been foreclosed. Maybe you can’t afford to publish your manuscript right now, but write articles based on the theme of your book and you have already began to build an audience and following for your upcoming bestseller! Maybe your business has not taken off at lightning speed like you hoped it would. Take one client at a time, until you have built a circle of pleased clients who will then tell their friends to use your services, eventually spreading your business globally. Sow little seeds along the way. Don’t downplay small beginnings. You never know when that one person, that one phone call, that one meeting will take you to higher heights and immeasurable success. Yes, even the little things matter…

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Out of the Mouth of Babes…

So, early Monday morning, my son Xavier is in the bathroom brushing his teeth and washing his face. Now the way my bathroom is, it is connected to the hallway as well as my bedroom. So he came in through the hallway, but opened the bathroom door that led to the bedroom. He says to me, “Mommy, because you’re a writer, that makes ME famous.” Now, I usually scream at him to hurry up and shut up, but I had to stop a minute and A. ponder the thought and B. post it to my Facebook page for the world to see! He may have just been talking. But then again, he could have been being used by God to speak into my life, his life, the life of the family. If you look at President Obama, I am sure his daughters often wonder how they became famous when it’s their dad who is the President. Michael Jackson’s kids became famous from birth and continue to be in the spotlight even though he is no longer here. For an author, one of the biggest achievements is to get bestseller status, in ANY area of writing! So in a strong sense, Xavier is right. When, not if, I become a national bestseller in the writing industry, that will make him famous. Not only did he speak into his future, but he spoke into mine! These kids ain’t as crazy as they sometimes act to be! LOL! So on today, I don’t know the struggle you face and I don’t know where your faith measures at this very moment, but when and if someone speaks something into your life that will reflect your future, don’t take it lightly. Don’t just brush it off. Embrace it, walk in it, receive it and expect it. Matthew 21:16 says, “Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him. “Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read, “‘From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise’?” So I say to you, don’t underestimate what comes out of the mouth of babes…Jesus didn’t.Image

What did you say??

So lately, the Lord has really been challenging me on the words that I choose to let leave my mouth. I’ll go even further to say that He is challenging my thoughts before they are even spoken out of my mouth. God is just like that, huh? Well, no sooner than I said I wanted to run my business full-time from home, did an influx of people reach out to me in need of my services. No sooner than I made up in my mind that I need to start more public speaking engagements did my phone start ringing with people who found ME, saying they needed me to come and speak, even if it is only for 10 or 15 minutes. The idea was also given to me by my web designer that I should consider ghostwriting for pastors, taking their sermons and transforming the audio into hard copies of books. Lo and behold, here comes three people who need  a ghostwriter. So I did my research, I set my prices, and I have now began to market myself as just that: an editor, writer, proofreader and ghostwriter. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “Why are you surprised?”

I don’t know why I am surprised. I thought it. For some of this, I spoke it. I believed it in my heart and petitioned God for it, subconsciously. So, I ask you, what did you say? Look back into your past words and coversations. Did you speak peace and prosperity, or did you declare broke and broken? Did you ask God for what He had for you to come to pass or did you tell Him you were lost and had no purpose. Words have enough power to go to the very thing we are asking God for and meet us when we get there. Watch your mouth. Check your tongue. Speak those things you want to see in your life. If it lines up with God’s will for you, it will be so and it already is so. Take some time today to reflect and ask yourself, “What did I say?” And wait for the results!

Who says “No” to chicken??!


Sometimes, when we have a vision or dream, we become more than frustrated in the process. We begin to ask ourselves, “When will it come to pass? Is it still going to come to pass? What if that wasn’t God that I heard speaking to me?” If you’ve been dreaming for a long time, and still haven’t seen the manifestation yet, I can see how you could be upset. However, consider this.


Kentucky Fried Chicken, the fried chicken chain that guarantees you will be lickin’ your fingers after eating there, has thousands if not millions of restaurants in the U.S. and abroad. However, it didn’t start out this way. The owner, Colonel Sanders, founded KFC at the age of 65 after receiving a social security check for only $105. For most of us, that would have been the end. We would have given up and thrown in the towel. But instead, he decided to push his fried chicken recipe onto restaurant owners.


He figured even if he didn’t run his own restaurant, he could sell it to them, and as the sales increased at various restaurants, he would collect a portion of the profits. But apparently, not everybody likes fried chicken. I know, I know! That’s like a curse word to the people who love chicken (like myself). But to his surprise, no one was interested. He traveled the country, sleeping in his car, going door to door, looking for someone to cook up his recipe and help him make millions. To no avail, he was told no more than 1009 times!! Who says no to chicken?


But then, someone said yes.


And the rest, they say, is history.


You may have been told no hundreds of times thus far regarding your dream or vision. Or maybe you feel like you are too old to start anything new or adventurous. But Colonel Sanders is just an example of what we can achieve when we truly make our minds up to go for it, no matter the obstacles or the opinions of others. Set a goal target date that you want your vision completed by. Create a vision board that you can see daily when you wake up in the morning. Most importantly, surround yourself with positive people. After all, birds of a feather flock together! Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do. Keep moving! Keep pushing! Keep dreaming!


Mrs. Tenita Johnson

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