It’s the Little Things

I was in a writing session this past Monday at my church when my mentor, friend and fellow authorpreneur Venus Mason Thues took me back to basics. You see, I’ve been in journalism for over 15 years now and I started out simply writing articles for my college newspaper, the college town’s local newspaper as well as various other newspapers and magazines. Soon I realized that my passion was not newspaper writing, but more feature writing or creative, if you will. But somehow along the way, once I began to delve into books and manuscripts, I sort of pushed the article writing aside. I don’t know if I thought it wasn’t having an impact or if I just didn’t see it as a valuable tool to voice my opinion. But the session this past Monday was simply on writing articles, and writing them voluntarily, to start out with anyway. Somewhere inside my huge brain, a light went on and said, “Back to basics.” It wasn’t that I didn’t know what to write or how to write an article. Somewhere along the way, I discounted the value of an article. I thought I could have more impact with a whole book than one article but now I beg to differ. I don’t know who may read my article and ask me to do much more than that, thus catapulting me into greater success.

So today, if you can’t do something big, start with something small. Maybe you can’t buy an apartment building, but you can buy a small house that has been foreclosed. Maybe you can’t afford to publish your manuscript right now, but write articles based on the theme of your book and you have already began to build an audience and following for your upcoming bestseller! Maybe your business has not taken off at lightning speed like you hoped it would. Take one client at a time, until you have built a circle of pleased clients who will then tell their friends to use your services, eventually spreading your business globally. Sow little seeds along the way. Don’t downplay small beginnings. You never know when that one person, that one phone call, that one meeting will take you to higher heights and immeasurable success. Yes, even the little things matter…

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4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Akia says:

    Good stuff! Never despise small beginnings.

  2. Jesse says:

    Great article.

  3. What a wonderful reminder! This seems to be a lesson that is rarely shared these days. The world wants everything faster, bigger and better. Some never celebrate until they finally do “big” things (whatever that means), as if there can be no joy with “little”. I so admire Paul and his attitude of contentment in every season of life. I want to bloom where I am planted. God can always change the pot if He sees fit. Lol.

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