To Infinity & Beyond!

I’m simply amazed at the opportunities that have been presented to me within the last month. A few weeks ago, I received a call from a minister in Peoria, IL who saw one of my Facebook posts. She has never met me, but yet she picked up the phone and called and asked me to speak to women of domestic violence at an upcoming conference just because she saw the front cover of my book. She has not read the book, but she said that it seems like something these women need. If you have a copy of my debut book, you know that there is a simple street sign with an arrow pointing upward, saying “ENCOURAGEMENT Next Exit”. Now even though I have not been a victim of domestic violence, I believe there still is a purpose for me being chosen to speak to these women. I could have easily declined, just because in our limited minds, sometimes we feel we don’t qualify. But I beg to differ.

Maybe you were asked to do something and you turned it down because you felt like you didn’t qualify or meet the need. I ask you to take the limits off. Live life as though you are speeding down a San Francisco street on your bike with no brakes! Full speed ahead. Be open to being used in other venues and/or markets where you may not normally trod. The sky is not the limit. To infinity and beyond, whatever it is that you do well or you feel you are called to do, put the pedal to the medal. Ready, set, GO!

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One thought on “To Infinity & Beyond!

  1. songbird1 says:

    I agree, there are tons of things that people have been asked to do that they do not accept because of their own thoughts of inadequacy. However, God has the ability to make any of our weaknesses or flaws perfect in any situation, for any occasion!

    There are no limits with God and this is how I live my life daily. I believe that I can do anything, if God says that I can. Nor is there a place that I fear treading when I have my God, Savior and protector with me! No one is greater than HE, and I walk boldly in and out of things with him being my guide. You know people that are blind trust the sight, instinct and direction of their guide dogs. They trust the training company that made the connection for them, as well as what they are saying about the capabilities of the dog. Some are paying a great deal of money for that process too! Why is it that some people can not blindly trust God to be their guide? This is just something to ponder on at your leisure!

    Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but how do we end up on/in elevators, escalators, bridges, roller coasters, ferry rides and even cars without thinking twice?

    Accept new challenges and remember that God desires to make a perfect work in all of us! So in essence, yesterday is gone and the things that we have experienced or never experienced has nothing to do with what shall come. People may be stuck saying, “I never done that before,” and that is okay. Remember that every day is a new beginning designed to stretch us all to become more than what we were in the past. New people and connections create new challenges, adventures and blessings, so go forth and soar! You are a new creature!

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