Keep Running!

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. But my inspiration usually comes from things that happen throughout life. My son just completed an awesome season of track. He ran many races, but the most important thing was that he finished them all. In some, he placed high enough to get medals. But in others, he still didn’t finish last. The key is that he finished, no matter how tired he was. He ran PAST the finish line.

Today, be encouraged to keep running. I know it may not look like it’s going to happen. Keep running. It may not look like the money is there. Keep running. You may not have anyone on the sideline cheering you on along the way. Keep running!

When I ran track, I usually finished last. It wasn’t until I ran cross-country, a sport where you need to pace yourself more, that I began to win medals. But no matter what, my coach, as mad as he may have been, was at the finish line yelling, “Finish!” So, whatever you started, don’t stop running until you finish the race you started!





4 thoughts on “Keep Running!

  1. Natasha says:

    Yes, wonderful!! Plan on finishing ALL of my races!

  2. Yvette Hall says:

    This blog was such a Blessing to me at this time and in this season of my life. I am also so encouraged and energized by this story from you concerning your son. Great Job to your son who is strong willed, determined and such an inspiration to others. I am grateful that you shared this with us. I’m more determined to finish what I’ve started. Thank you 🙂

  3. TeleshIa Huston says:

    Thank you for the reminder!

  4. songbird1 says:

    Regarding finishing the race! As a former runner I would like to say that looking straight ahead and never looking to the side or behind me was extremely important because I could stumble, trip or even fall, which could ultimately keep me from finishing my races.

    It was also essential for me to listen to my heartbeat as I ran, which allowed me to determine how I would finish the race! During this process I let my rhythm guide me, just like the rhythm of life. It is so important for me to know what I am truly feeling as I run this race of life.

    Preparing to run at times may require more mental altitude, aptitude, attitude, physical training, body stretching, strengthening, dietary changes, hydration, sun or people block, mental isolation and tunnel vision.

    More than ever though, the goal is to never stop once the race begins, no matter what obstacles enter the equation! Finish the race because there was a reason that you started and you will have the victory!

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