Sunkissed Clouds

Recently I took a trip to Ft. Lauderdale for a cruise. (It was phenomenal by the way! If you haven’t done one, this is a life-changing experience!) On the way home, I had a layover in Baltimore. The turbulence on the first plane was a little rough, so much so that the pilot told us to keep our seatbelts fastened longer than usual. But when I got on my final plane to head home from Baltimore, when I was halfway to my destiny, and we got in the air, at some point, there was nothing but clouds surrounding the plane. The turbulence and air pockets we hit felt like a huge pothole in the air. Passengers throughout the plane began to shake from side to side. I even fastened my seatbelt tighter! Despite the turbulence though, despite the surrounding clouds, there was a brightness from the sun that was almost blinding. Isn’t it amazing how you can see the clouds and yet, still see the sun?

This thing called life will cause some ups and downs, and its fair share of spiritual turbulence. It will try to shake you, break you, make you think that you’re going to crash, that you’re going to fall hard and not get to your destiny safely and securely. But thank God for being the pilot of our lives! He orders our steps and directs our paths. All we can do is sit in the seat with our seatbelts fastened securely and wait for the landing. Even when you’re surrounded by clouds, which oftentimes signify darkness, the sun and the Son is still there! So fasten your seatbelt, read a book, get an ice cold beverage and wait for the manifestation of the thing you’ve been believing God for. I’ll see you when you land!Image

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4 thoughts on “Sunkissed Clouds

  1. godskidjmae says:

    The analogy was great……it will preach all day….Luv u….

  2. godskidjmae says:

    Awesome analogy…….

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