Generational Blessings

God is opening big doors for you! Even for your children! Even for your children’s children!

Business man going to the open door. Career path conceptual

We are the seed of Abraham. Everything we touch shall prosper! We will no longer live in lack or poverty—mentally, physically or financially. This is the season for God to do it big!


The Final Quarter

Before you know it, 2016 will be over. We’ve planned. We created vision boards. We attended conferences. We made money, and spent even more money. But as we prepare to enter the fourth quarte…

Source: The Final Quarter

The Final Quarter


Before you know it, 2016 will be over. We’ve planned. We created vision boards. We attended conferences. We made money, and spent even more money. But as we prepare to enter the fourth quarter, it’s key that we review and revamp our goals to maximize our intended success in the last three months.

Review your vision boards and your annual to-do lists. What can you check off? While some things may be nearing completion, others may still be just a thought on a list in a notebook. Be realistic. If you can complete it before December 31, 2016, keep it on the list. But create an even smaller list to outline the tasks to complete the big goal in time. If you can’t realistically complete it within the next 90 days, consider putting it on the top of your list or vision board for 2017.

Revamp your goals that may seem too far off to ever become true. The thought of writing a book may seem monumental at the moment. But if you set a goal of having a chapter done per week, then the goal doesn’t seem as monumental. Be strategic about your time. Schedule appointments with yourself (and your goals). Shut down social media and silence your cell phone.

You’ve got a little over 90 days to make it happen! It’s fourth quarter and the game depends on you. Get your head in the game, and win!



The Floodgates are Open!

You feel that? You hear that? We’re only 26 days into the New Year, and God has already blown my mind in so many ways! Great things are happening in my life and all around me! I can’t share it all right now. As it unfolds and things are completed, I’ll definitely reveal all that’s been going on behind the scenes. But I encourage you to know that when you speak, you have what you have asked for–right then! In that moment!

Sure, it may not be visible to your human eye just yet, but it’s already in the works and completed at the very same time according to the heavens. When you ask, believe. Faith is like walking through life blindfolded, being guided by someone that you know has your absolute best interest at heart! Don’t look to the right or the left. Don’t worry about what others are achieving around you. Commit your works to your purpose, your passion and your divine assignment, and there will be a rushing, an overflow of favor and blessings on your life!

The floodgates are open! God is pouring new favor, new wisdom, new insight into you this day, right now!

Do you see what I see? I see the flood!



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016!

In just the short time span of 14 days, God has already exceeded my expectations for 2016! I mean that with every fiber of my being. I’m believing for some great things even though we’re only 14 days in. There’s something about a newness of a year that resets my passion, my drive, my pursuit!

I am in full speed ahead mode, and I want God to use every gift that’s in me to edify His people for better. But instead of setting resolutions, I set goals based on vision. I create a new board once a year (or mid year) and I keep it in a high-traffic area where I can be reminded of what I’m working toward daily. When you take time to write out your goals and visions, you’re much more likely to follow through and see results.

So I challenge you–14 days into the year. Take time to write your goals down and post them where you can be reminded of them daily. Go the extra mile and create a vision board with cutouts from magazines and newspapers. It’s worth the effort and I’ve seen the results time and time again.

Here’s to a successful, prosperous 2016! I’ll have many things to share as the year progresses! But for now, let’s soar to higher heights!




The Storm

Yesterday, I had to drive home in the storm. What usually takes 45 minutes took about an hour and a half. At one point, I was on the freeway and I couldn’t see. My windshield wipers were moving as fast as the car is programmed to move them, but clearly the rain was falling too fast. At one point, I considered pulling under a bridge and waiting for the storm to pass. But I didn’t know when or if that would happen. So I kept going, moving 20 MPH. By the time I got off the freeway onto a side street, the rain became a drizzle and the sun peeked out. Had I stopped on the freeway, who knows how long I would have been siting in the storm, not moving.

No matter how slow you have to move, keep moving! If you stand still in the storm, you may do more damage than you would if you move forward. Keep moving! There is sunshine on the other side of this!